What is the Best Investment Tool?



One of the best investment tools is stock. You become a partner in a company by buying shares. An industry and firm that you believe will develop for this reason should be a business you trust at the same time management. The risk is high but it is high. If you do not have the knowledge or experience about the stock, you can start to invest with 5% of your savings.


You have accumulation, you want to evaluate, but you have no knowledge and no time. There are thousands of bonds, bonds, stocks. Expert institutions have created mutual funds with you in mind. Mutual funds, such as treasury bills, government bonds, and stocks in their portfolios, can lose value as they move based on price changes. For example; If the bond / bond interest is expected to decrease, the purchase should be made, and if it is expected to be raised, it should be sold.

Funds, which mainly contain shares, are affected by the price movements of the stocks they bear on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. If stocks on the fauge lose value in the stock market, the fund loses value as well.

Gold is a means of accumulation that loves restless environments, and gold demands are influenced by the developments in the world. Gold is a long-term accumulation tool. A certain percentage of each saving may be gold, but it may not be all right to make gold. If investing in gold is suitable for you, there are banks’ gold accounts and gold mutual funds.


One of the most risk-free investment instruments is time deposits. The return of time deposits is predetermined and is not affected by interest movements until maturity. So you can see beforehand how much income you can earn before investing your money in your time deposit account. In addition, you have the opportunity to specify the due date. Banks can offer the same interest rates as they apply different maturity interest rates for different amounts of money.


In recent years the competition between banks has increased. That’s why you now have options that you can withdraw without having to break the promise. If you have any reservations about waiting for long periods, you can evaluate these options.


The deposits you get are subject to the return tax. For this reason, question your net profit while depositing your money. The withholding rate decreases as the term expires.


In general, be careful that your annual income from your investments is above the inflation rate.



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