Crochet Thanksgiving - Hand Embroidery Designs | Rose flower design | Stitch and Flower-144

Hand Embroidery Designs | Rose flower design | Stitch and Flower-144

In the world of garments, embroidery is an important cornerstone, without which our lives will be much duller. Beautiful and bizarre designs are appreciated if they adorn a plain cloth, instantly making it come to life. They come mostly in two types, hand embroidered and digital embroidered. Hand embroidered designs are generally more expensive than the digitally embroidered ones. This is because of the greater difficulty in making them. It requires a lot of expertise and the more elaborate embroidery takes a much larger span of time when done by hand than when done by machines digitally.

Naturally in this consumer oriented world, people feel it safe to assume that since hand embroidered garments are more expensive, they are probably superior to the digitized variety. This however is a matter of debate. While some may argue the great expertise with which the work is done to be a testament of its superiority, this is probably not the case. It is true that to truly master the art of hand embroidery requires a lot of time and great skill and dexterity with the hands, it should not be forgotten that even the most masterful of artists are prone to make mistakes every now and then. On the other hand digitized embroidery is done by machines which have a much lesser chance of committing mistakes. In any case, defective pieces are sold separately as they can be easily replaced by correct pieces since they are much easier to produce. The hand embroidered variety is mostly not replaced in such a way as they take a lot of time to be made and little imperfections are simply ignored.

Digitized Embroidery is carried out by machines and computers. A digitized embroidery design file is uploaded into a computer. This can be made by both a textile and a graphic designer. If the designer has already made a hand embroidered design or wishes to use a pre-existing design by someone else, then they can easily scan the design onto the computer. The file can also be edited according to the wishes of the designer which is important if minor changes need to be made on an already existing design. It also greatly increases the variety, types and colors of the design which is made. This is then converted into a machine format file which is specific to the format supported by the machine and thus finally embroidered onto the cloth.

The great thing about this is that even a person not skilled in hand embroidery, but trained in the use of machinery can easily make intricately designed clothes. This increases the production and reduces the cost. In fact, it can be said fairly accurately that the extra cost of hand embroidered cloth is actually the extra labor cost and not because of the greater quality. Many people will still however argue that they have samples of hand embroidered cloths superior to the digitized type. The answer over here probably lies in the type of brand and the type of machine used. So overall a digitally embroidered garment from a top brand will match the quality of a hand embroidered one, if not exceed it.

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